The Best Therapy For Your Needs

Are you looking for therapy in Columbus, Ohio? We’ve got you covered. We offer a variety of therapy methods that are appropriate for many types of clients.

Going to therapy does not mean you are broken. Today people go to therapy for a variety of reasons. Some people go to therapy because they need extra support going through a rough time. Others go because they want to become their best selves. Some people have past trauma that they need to work through in order to feel their best.

Whatever your reason for going to therapy, we are here for you. We have weekend and evening hours available in our Columbus, Ohio office. Contact us today for an appointment.

Our Services

Individual Therapy

Therapy for individuals

Couple Therapy

Therapy for couples

Group Therapy

Group therapy and support groups coming soon.

Therapy Types

Multiple methods of therapy available

Group Couple Therapy Starting Soon

Contact Us We plan to start couple therapy group sessions in the new year. Call or Email now to get on the waiting list.